Privacy Policy

We respect user privacy and make all possible efforts to protect it from cyber breach and illegal distribution. We do not share, exchange or sell any customer information.

Personal Data: Our web server’s automated system recognizes the domain name and email ID of each visitor. Email addresses are usually collected for those who submit a form or sent a message to our sales department or those who contact us via email. We also collect personally identifiable information (PII) volunteered by website users and customers including but not limited to name, email address, phone number, company name, postal address, and payment information (e.g., billing address, credit card details.)

Legal Disclosure: We use all the information stored in our database for internal review and bring appropriate changes in the website for improved user experience. We may disclose any user’s information if legally required by a governmental authority or law enforcement agency conducting an investigation, not otherwise. It is important for every business to verify or enforce compliance with legal policies governing our website and applicable laws to protect our business website against any unauthorized, illegal use.

Cookies: We use cookies which allows our website to automatically record the user’s session information including page visits, time spent on a specific page, use of call-to-action buttons and items added to the shopping cart, etc. Cookies, an essential ingredient to any website, help the service providers to uphold the site performance and ensure seamless user experience. Our cookies become functional as soon as you access and use our website. You can change your browser settings if don’t want to get tracked from our cookies. However, it may impede the website functionality; holding you back from performing specific actions such as using shipping cart, etc. So, it is highly recommended to keep the cookies functional.

Third-Parties: We do not partner with any ad servers or have affiliate relationships with any third-party service provider. Therefore, our system-contained information and all user-related data is secure with us.   

Security:  We usually do not share sensitive personal information (SPI) unless required by legal authorities to enforce compliance with the local, regional and global policies governing this website and to verify applicable laws and protect the website against illegal, unauthorized use. We may need to receive and transfer specific SPI such as user’s financial or health information to governing authorities. In this case, we will redirect the website visitors to a secure server and notify them through a pop-up message appeared on their screens. We take appropriate security measures to protect website users against any misuse, loss or alteration of their personal and sensitive data stored in our database.

Updates: It is highly recommended to check back our policies pages periodically since we may use consumer information for new operations from time to time. This information may not be previously disclosed and therefore, to stay updated about new purposes or any possible policy changes, keep checking the website frequently.

Contact: For any further inquiries about our products and services in general and this privacy policy in particular, you can contact us at


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