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Packaging & Presentation


In addition to custom promotional products powerhouse, VR Challenge Coins is also an industry leader in custom packaging and presentation. We have sourced millions of custom products for thousands of leading companies, military units, non-government organization, academics and private institutes in the world.

At VR Challenge Coins, we not only make it easy for customers to create, order and receive their custom coins at their doorstep but also offer custom packaging. We offer a diversified range of display and packaging options for challenge coins. We deliver products in beautiful packaging such as glass cases, coin capsules, velvet boxes or pouches, acrylic boxes, wooden cases, etc., perfect for long term display and protection.

We ensure the highest quality at the best whether you order from our stock coin presentation and packaging selections online or ask for a custom design to display and award your challenge coins with pride. We have an extensive variety of custom coin packaging to protect your product’s finish during shipping and afterward. Buy online or request a quote for custom coins, packaging styles and more.

Get the highest quality products with fantastic presentation and packaging at the best prices with no headaches. We are here to make everything simple and swift as per your choice; meeting your needs to absolute pleasure and satisfaction.

Please contact our product specialist for your special packaging requirements and we will create custom presentation and packaging designs for your personalized coins.

Let our skilled designers, product experts, and sales representatives guide you through the process, provide consultancy, address your pain points, and save you money. Contact us now or fill out the quote request form to get started.

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